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February 21, 2024

Introducing Briefly FastDrafts

Ewan Patel
Co-founder & CSO


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We’ve been helping clients write more powerful and effective marketing briefs for several months already. That’s been powered by our Feedback and Inspo AI models, designed to push marketers to craft the best version of their brief. But we were getting the same feedback from all of our users:

“I want to write briefs better. But I also want to write them faster.”

So we spent the past few months building a platform that ticks both boxes: improving the quality of briefs, and improving the speed at which marketers can write them.

Your next brief. Faster.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Briefly FastDrafts, the fastest way to write a standout marketing brief. We’ve trained a new set of our models on decades’ worth of briefing and marketing best practice and thousands of effectiveness case studies to write powerful marketing briefs in a matter of seconds. Plus, we’ve developed a refined Business Intelligence engine, capable of consuming any and all of your business docs, so that the briefs we write with you are tailored to drive the best results for your brand.

Our goal is to build the modern briefing platform that marketers deserve. One that fuels their creativity and business smarts, and helps them communicate in the most effective way. The work isn’t over just yet, but FastDrafts is our most exciting update along the journey so far.

The tools you need to write great briefs at speed

FastDrafts isn’t an AI chatbot. It’s a custom-built AI interface designed to enhance your brief-writing process: speeding you up, not sending you off-course. So we built FastDrafts on three essential building blocks.


The heart of FastDrafts, Springboards takes everything we know about briefs, everything we know about your marketing, and everything we know about your business, and crafts a killer brief in a few seconds.

Choose from your own customised templates, or select from our expertly crafted pre-built templates, then refine the output by answering a series of intro questions - easy ways in to describing exactly what you’re looking for from this particular campaign.

One press of the Tab key sets our model to work writing your brief. Then you can iterate away, crafting the brief into the best possible starting point for your creative partners.

Tips and Prompts

To guide you as you write, Tips provide best practice right at your fingertips. You can easily explore how to best define your Target Audience, or how to structure your Objectives & KPIs. And for further reading, check out our articles on each of those here and here.

Prompts provide interesting or unexpected ways in; when you’re stuck and looking for inspiration, our AI model sparks a creative thought or a new way to think about your problem-to-solve. Quickly flick between Tips, Prompts and Springboards to get to a brief that is anything but average.

Business Intelligence Engine

Our Business Intelligence Engine is a hub for knowledge, analysing existing business documents, like marketing plans, market research reports, and customer insights, to generate briefs that are tailored to drive the best results for your brand. This knowledge needs to stay safe inside your workspace, and we understand the importance of enterprise-grade security and compliance to protect that information.

Grow with Briefly

FastDrafts gives marketing teams the speed they need, with the quality of output to set them apart from the rest. Driving both sides of the efficiency equation without disrupting your existing process, FastDrafts makes it easier to implement the biggest upgrade to your marketing stack.

Interested in FastDrafts? Get in touch with our team by filling out this form.