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February 20, 2024

Introducing... Briefly's new brand platform

Gabriel Sayers
Co-founder & CEO


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The work, the work, the work.

It’s what marketers obsess over. It’s what consumers remember (or don’t). It’s what gets you a ticket to Cannes.

Celebrated, mocked, discussed over a takeaway, and, of course, debated fiercely in your local LinkedIn comments section - ads love the spotlight. After all, that’s where they’re meant to be.

At Briefly, we love great ads.

But we also believe that everything great starts somewhere.

Every lunar mission has its launchpad. Every perfect 10 dive has its diving board. And every great advertising campaign has its brief.

That’s the inspiration for Briefly, and the inspiration for our new brand platform.

The idea that the brief is the springboard for everything that comes next.

We want to celebrate the insights, information, unlocks, and opinions that set some of the world’s most iconic campaigns in motion. From audience definitions and key messages, to product benefits and comms objectives.

The ‘everything that comes next’ that everyone loves, the viral PR stunt and the plummeting CPA, the beautiful, effective, and thumb-stopping work, all of it…

It starts here.

Jean Claude Van Damme performing impossible feats of balance and poise starts with a straight-laced communications objective.
Felix Baumgartner jumping from a height of 21.7km in 2012's most memorable (PR) stunt starts with an earnest question.
And a brand infiltrating one of the world’s biggest video games starts with a clear product truth.

We want to see more brilliant creativity like this in the world. That’s why we want more brilliant starting points - clear, insightful, inspiring briefs.

So, the next time you see an ad you love, why not spare a thought for where it all started?