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February 25, 2024

How Magnum are taking aim at fakes with "Stick to the Original"

Ewan Patel
Co-founder & CSO


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System1 called this ad "Exceptional". They even claim it's the best ad of the year so far.

So then, what's all the fuss about?

Magnum have taken on a challenge as old as time for premium brands:

How do we get our audience to justify spending more on us, when there are cheaper alternatives out there?

Their answer is a beautifully funny ad, slick and premium and with as much satisfying crack as their ice cream bars themselves...

In this lovely ad, Magnum did three things particularly well:

Find a "new" way to solve an old problem

Sure, this probably isn't the first time a brand has ever tried to turn its audience against the rip-offs. Heinz have been doing some brilliant stuff in this space for a while. But bringing some old (but still true) insight into who your audience is to find a fresh way for your brand to justify its premium status is a very nice touch.

Understand your consumer

To that point, this ad would still play nicely without the touch of audience insight. But the subtle digs at fake manliness, like trying/failing to grow a moustache, or exaggerating how much you can bench press, makes the humour in this ad a whole lot sharper.

Tell a story

The ad has a lovely, filmic feel to it. Rich browns dominate - no doubt a creative somewhere tried to justify this by saying it's the brand colour - but it works to create a really nice ambiance that invites you to watch. Waiting for A24 to pick this up as a new web series...

But beyond the TV campaign, take a listen to the radio spot here. There's great consistency in idea and execution between the radio and TV ad, but that signature Magnum "snap" in an audio-only environment is just 🤌.  It's a lesson in planning your storytelling around your media.

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